Welcome to the world of natural transformation fragrances inspired by nature.

Moodsense is an African natural perfume house founded in 2009 by Antoinette Goosen. Based in the natural surroundings of the Cradle of Mankind near Johannesburg, South Africa, Moodsense Perfumes create various ranges of natural perfumes using intuitively selected natural oils, resins and tinctures.

What is a natural perfume?

A perfume created using natural oils, resins and tinctures made from the flowers, leaves, bark and roots of aromatic plants.

Benefits of natural perfumes

Natural perfumes are by their very nature therapeutic, being composed of plant materials, the medicines of nature. Numerous studies have been done to scientifically validate the importance of essential plant oils by individuals or groups. In one such instance in Japan, Takasago, Japan’s biggest producer of fragrances performed a study. The research showed that people working with computers made 54% fewer typing errors when Lemon was introduced into the air of their environment, with jasmine and lavender a reduction of 33% was noted. It has been found that certain fragrances can even have effects on how we perceive our bodies and how we are perceived by others.

When we inhale a plant essence it is processed in the limbic system of our brain. This is same place our memories, sensory perception and emotions are processed and hormones released. That is why we frequently experience an instant emotional response to a familiar fragrance such as favourite foods or perfumes. Fragrance is directly accessed through the primal part of our brain and the response is instinctive.

Apart from these benefits various plant essences have a multitude of documented anti-bacterial and healing properties, as well as calming or stimulating effects.

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