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What if I told you that you can make a perfume? That the perfume you make yourself can also evoke feelings of bliss and wellbeing?

Here’s a clue: Our sense of smell processed the same system that drives our primal responses..

Unlike all other senses, smell is sent directly to the Olfactory bulb in the Emotional brain or Limbic system.

It is the seat of memory, emotions, sexual drives, hunger and thirst. It causes us to respond in certain ways and can drive states of anger, sorrow, revulsion, sexual attraction, love and fear.

We smell, we feel, we remember.

Learn to harness the power of aroma and dream your own fragrance with natural perfumer & aromachologist, Antoinette Goosen.

These fun, interactive perfume-making workshops, are packed with lots of info and will give you blending experience and hands-on demonstrations to satisfy your curiosity and ignite your inner perfumer.

You’ll learn the basics of natural perfumery and the effects your sense of smell has on emotions and how to prepare a perfume. You’ll also discover your unique scent personality.

I share my insights on training your nose, perfume notes, odour intensity, scent harmonies & accords.

To help you further your perfume-making journey, I also include my resources, gained through many years of making natural perfumes.

I. Basics of Natural Perfumery
Sat. 30 March in Muldersdrift at 10 am
R950 – 3 hours

Natural Perfumery demystified and unpacked.

  • History of Perfume
  • Difference between natural and synthetic perfumes
  • What is an essential oil?
  • Smell and how it works
  • How to train your nose
  • Safely working with essential oils
  • Scent & emotions. Use of perfumes to increase well-being and quality of life
  • Intuitive perfumery – access your natural creativity
  • Practical – make your own first perfume oil to take home
II. Blending Basics 
Sat. 6 April in Muldersdrift at 10 am
R950 – 2 hours 30 mins
      • Natural Perfumery Basics – blending perfume
      • Perfume notes
      • Odour intensity
      • Scent harmonies & accords
      • Concentration 101
      • Fragrance types
      • Dilution rates
      • Practical – make a perfume oil to take home

All perfume oils, written notes and perfumery materials are

Limited space available. If you’re keen to bring positive change to your body mind and spirit, book your spot now by clicking below or contact me for my banking details.

**One-on-one sessions and group bookings available. Contact me for details.**


Others say:


“We both thoroughly enjoyed your space, vibe, knowledge and passion. Thank you so much for sharing it all with us.”

Elizabeth Jansen van Vuuren

“Delightful, informative, and moving experience. Absolutely recommended.”

Theresa Ackerman

“Thank you for such an awesome morning, it was a wonderful and special time. Absolutely thrilled with my perfume, love it! Appreciate all the info and help.”

Nthutsoa M.

“Thank you so much, I couldn’t even think that I would have had such a great time. I really appreciate how you shared your knowledge with us. You’re fantastic.”

Online Sessions

Guided by your odour preferences I create a list of items you’ll need to make your own perfume anywhere in the world. The cost is R1200 per class and includes:

      • Personal online training via Whatsapp or Skype.
      • Full notes and addendums.
      • Odour preference analysis with my recommendations for your initial essential oil kit with your local available materials and perfume making equipment. Initial equipment purchases can be kept to a minimum by using what you already have access to, which will be discussed in our free pre-workshop consultation.
      • Paypal options available. Please ask me.

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Please note

I’m a natural perfumer and aromachologist and not aromatherapist. This course focuses on safely blending with botanicals to create perfume for personal enjoyment and exploration. It is not meant to replace professional medical treatment.

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