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Scents of Nature by Antoinette Goosen 

Creating your Own Natural Perfumes

I’m thrilled to share these fascinating open workshops with you. They are the perfect gift for someone you love or to add a fun element to your next party or event.

Making perfume doesn’t have to be limited to a few chosen ones. Like cooking food, making natural perfume is about passion and letting your intuitive wisdom guide you to playful exploration of fascinating ingredients that please the senses.

In this introductory workshop you learn how to make your own natural perfumes to increase wellbeing, connection, sensuality, harmony and multisensory awareness, engaging the body, mind and spirit. Suitable for both men and women.

Please contact Antoinette for 2018 Workshop dates

Muldersdrift, South Africa or online globally* (see notes below).

Duration: Two and a half hours.

R600 per person

Topics covered

  • The History of perfume
  • The difference between natural perfumes and synthetics
  • What is an essential oil?
  • The sense of smell
  • Safely working with essential oils
  • Natural Perfumery Basics – making your own perfume blends; notes, odour intensity, scent harmonies and how to prepare both, solid and liquid perfume oils
  • Concentration 101 Fragrance types and their dilutions
  • Aromachology: Scent and Emotions – How essential oils affect the body, mind, spirit and emotional states. We explore essential oils for use to increase sensory awareness, self-love, body awareness, relaxation and feelings of joy and peace
  • Creativity~ access your natural perfumer to aid you in creating your own recipes.


  • Participants will create their own individual natural perfume oil to take home with them.
  • All written course materials.
  • Use of perfumery equipment including heating equipment, utensils, oils, waxes, extractions and essential oils to make your own perfumes at the venue.

Not included

  • Rare and precious oils can be purchased for use in your blend. Please enquire with me about availability.

I look forward to sharing nature’s scented gifts with you.


R600 per person.

Contact me on 072 134 9872 or fill in my form to book your spot! Limited space available.

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What others say

Marco – Natural Perfumist
Thank you thank you.. I’ve inherited a great deal from your knowledge..
Theresa Ackerman
Thank you for such an awesome morning, it was a wonderful and special time. Absolutely thrilled with my perfume, love it!
Appreciate all the info and help.
Joan Jones – Hostess: My Treat Evenings.
Thanks again for a lovely evening! It was super to have you here and I know that I will really enjoy my perfumes.
Jodene Shaer – international business owner, published author of the book, The Holistic Entrepreneur, and speaker.
Just from meeting me, she made me the most perfect personalised perfume, all with plants that called out just to me in the perfect quantities. The harmony of scent has become linked to the breaths I take when my day begins, in the midst of it all and when all is done and I give gratitude for another day.
Sue Adams – Country Life Magazine
When I wanted a perfume I asked for Antoinette’s advice. She held my hand, thought for a long moment and then handed me the one she thought would be just right. It’s a solid perfume in a little jar and it’s perfect for me. Whatever magic recipe Antoinette created in this perfume has worked its magic on me.

Richard John Forbes – South African Dreamer/visual artist/ generator
The generating, channelling source of Moodsense has come into my life at the perfect synchronous time to place the base note in my newest work.
My sculptures are all about the shifting of all our senses and true to her word,
Antoinette created the perfect sent from the essence of all the earth materials I used in my latest creation A.R.C
So much so that people entering the vast chasm of the sculpture were shifted to tears, euphoria, weightlessness.
This was always the intention of the sculpture though I know now that the advent of Antoinette’s essential alchemy completed the circle.
In my practice, the lesson of trust and handing over has only been enhanced by my experience with Antoinette.
In every aspect of our engagement i have experienced her willingness, passion, and truth to commitment to discover and hold the higher frequency so elusive to us all, yet the entire reason for our journey.
Elementally thank you,

Please note

ONLINE course participants receive tailormade online guidance to making your own natural perfume with locally available natural materials.

I’m a natural perfumer and aromachologist and not aromatherapist. This course focuses on safely blending with botanicals to create perfume for personal enjoyment and exploration. It is not meant to replace professional medical treatment.


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