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Antoinette Goosen Natural Perfumer - Moodsense PerfumesI have been on a journey to fully understand the powerful effects that aroma has on our behaviour for many years, starting with my personal immersion into the connection between scent and emotion in 2009. I am a synesthete and “see” and “feel” aromas as colours and vibrations. I needed to understand these otherworldly effects rationally and have been studying aroma’s effects on the emotions and behaviour ever since.

It is said that the subconscious mind gives us access to a vast library of information that would normally be filtered out of our awareness by the conscious mind. Since our sense of smell is seated in the primal brain, I see it as a means of connection to this inner field of awareness and create fragrances as aromatic messengers between inner landscapes.

I love to explore the natural world, where the landscapes tell their unique stories through the senses of times long past. To me, this is a constant reminder of the fleeting nature and intrinsic beauty of life. Every moment spent with a mountain, river, field and forest contains its own sensory “story”. Natural perfumes provide me with a canvas to share my impressions in scent.

I intuitively create natural perfumes that reflect and embody various qualities and aroma signatures. My intention is to enhance and use our senses to create more balanced and centered living using only natural aromatic compounds, the gifts of nature. To date I have created over 300 perfumes and body products for individuals, artists and businesses.

Lately I have been making myself available to share my discoveries in a series of natural perfume making workshops. To learn more, please have a look here.

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