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Antoinette Goosen Natural Perfumer - Moodsense PerfumesI love to explore the natural world of mountains, rivers, fields and forests and have many stories to tell and experiences to share. Natural perfumes provide me with a canvas to share my impressions and to create a connection with you.

It is said that the subconscious mind gives us access to a vast library of information that would normally be filtered out of our awareness by the conscious mind. Since our sense of smell is seated in the primal brain, I see it as a means of connection to this field of awareness and create fragrances as aromatic messengers between inner landscapes. I intuitively create natural perfumes that reflect and embody various qualities and aroma signatures. My intention is to convey a sense of personal connection to nature, our true selves and one another. The perfumes are harmonious scent stories with unusual characters, made to transport you on a journey.

Mood Perfumes are made to transform emotions, while the Africa Divine Range is an ode to Africa’s alchemical traditions. Earth Songs tell stories about Earth in Gaia Parfum and the Sun in Helios Parfum Solide. To date I have created over 300 perfumes and body products for individuals, artists and businesses.

After an immersion in the natural beauty of the Mountains of the Eastern Freestate in rural South Africa, I have returned with an interesting and unusual fragrant story called Shaman EDP. I look forward to sharing this exclusive fragrance with you.

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