Wild Earth

A perfume song of earthy joy.

In natural perfumery, a single ingredient can be a perfume in and of itself. With over 60 molecules per essential oil in some cases, less is more. Some aromas are so beautiful on their own, that you want to weave a story around it.

I have found one such an ingredient and it is finally in the bottle after many years in my heart. I’m going to keep its name a secret for now.

My dream of a perfume made of this root started 7 years ago, when I received gift from a medicine woman of a highly aromatic, powdered root to be used as an incense.

I fell in love with its warm, pink-yellow, earthy, fresh, spicy and clean aroma at first smell. I wanted to perfume with it. Really badly.

We all know how perfumes take time to mature in the bottle. This one also took its sweet time to mature inside of my heart.

Sadly, (or possibly luckily, in hindsight) no essential oils were available at the time. I wanted the aroma to be as true as possible to nature.

I spoke to numerous farmers and searched for oil distillers who might have access to the root to distill it for me. To no avail.

After careful consideration I decided to learn everything I could about tincture processes. This enabled me to extract the fullness of this warm, earthy aroma myself.

When I added the first maceration of root to the ethanol, I wondered if it would yield its fragrant heart to the perfumer’s alcohol. Would it be a true aromatic representation of the raw material?

Then followed months of patient waiting. Of shaking and nurturing and staring hopefully at the space inside the bottle, where these magical materials were in an alchemical process of sorts.

After all the wait, the first whiff of soft, spicy, warm earthiness, was ample reward. Followed quickly by a feeling of utter comfort and happiness.

With the scent captured, I could refine the intention of the perfume.

I naturally wanted this root to be the centrepiece and to not be overwhelmed by other ingredients.

The key aromatic signatures are

Earthy, Playful, Symphony, Laughter, Mirth and Divine.

Wild Earth is rooted in the Earth. I’ve entwined it with a fresh, aromatic bouquet of minty, citrus notes, ginger, sweet berries and spicy Namibian Myrrh, true Rose absolute, sweet herbs and flowers in 3 accords.

Want to tell me what you think my secret inredient is? Read on.

The feedback I have received for Wild Earth is overwhelmingly positive. You be the judge. If you’d like to experience it for yourself, I have a dozen 50ml EdT’s for sale and 15 free 1ml samples (ex delivery). First come first serve. Contact me to get yours before they’re all gone!

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