Annene Eau de Parfum Award

Fine Fragrance Evaluation by Chippy McGill

It was apparent from the onset of this evaluation that I was indeed evaluating a remarkable fine fragrance.
The fact that it is an all natural blend, yet still has been classified as a true Au de Parfum by myself, has won it our very
rarely given ASOT certificate. ASOT stands for A State Of Trance as in order to be awarded this rare classification, the fragrance has to not only conform to
the strict fragrance family classifications, be GRAS (generally regarded as safe) and have “legs” that carry it well beyond the 8 hour mark, it truly has to be something quite
transcendental, hence the naming of the classification, A State Of Trance.

Perfumer’s Classification
Fragrance Family
After much deliberation, We have classified this fine creation as a Floral Oriental, or Floriental and is a full Au de Parfum
strength at approximately 15%-16% concentration.

Perfumer’s Description
Top Notes 0-30 min
An immediate infusion of delightfully aromatic spicy notes craftily blended to bring lovely citrus notes as their olfactory
pivot point. A rare but divine marriage between the distinct notes of Frankincense and Myrrh with Bergamot and the underlying citrusy African Ginger already making it’s presence known. The floral notes are beautifully toned down during this
phase to allow the heady impact of this gorgeous combination to make it’s entry known. Although the phase is relatively short lived, it’s statement is one of self assuredness, the fragrance reminiscent a boldness and independence. Transcending into the heart notes come the introduction of what can only be described as a liquorish note, which should be totally out of
place in a fragrance like this, but it is this oddity that lends a sense of security, warmth and comfort and also sets the stage for the heart notes to set in and follow for a remarkable 4 hours at test.

Heart Notes 30-240 min
As the volatiles of the top notes dissipate, come the heart notes of a rare fragrance indeed.

At the onset, the natural
Vanilla notes combined with the woody notes of Sandalwood and the bouquet of various Lilly species are carried forward for
a remarkable 4.5 hours in what can only be described as comforting stroll through a floral powdery woodland with notes
Vetiver adding a serene green rounding note to this wonderfully warm heart of this fragrance.

Base Notes 240-520 min
A beautiful rounding down with the Vanilla adding warm sensuality to the natural Jasmine, though present throughout,
the Jasmine’s crescendo peaks as the Sandlewood and Vetiver dry out and wind down into an almost sultry base period.

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