Massage oils

Body Massage Oils

Three body products in one!

Firstly, they’re made of all natural oils with a proven track record for their anti-inflammatory effects. Secondly, the oils are selected for their relaxing and uplifting effects on the mood. Thirdly, they are also ‘proper’ 100% natural perfumes, custom designed by a natural perfumer.

Available in Soothe and Uplift to calm or invigorate the body and mind, naturally.

Soothe This relaxing massage oil formulated to calm and subtly perfume the body with natural Helichrysum, Cypress Lavender and Chamomile.

Uplift A refreshing massage oil with topnotes of zesty grapefruit drying down to fresh and woodsy cedar and pine.

Unisex Body Massage Oils

R199 for 50ml
R120 for 20ml

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