Mother’s Day Perfume Event


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Spoil your Mom with a gift that will improve her wellbeing, intuition and creativity.

When I ask workshop participants to describe a personal story about intuition I often hear about mothers’ uncanny ability to just “know” when a child is in need of help or up to mischief 😉

Join me to explore the physiological and psychological effects of nature’s aromas and how to use it to increase health and wellbeing.

“A lot of the way Antoinette’s been explaining to us, to use our feeling instead of using our brains, hasn’t come naturally to me. As the process evolved, I’m starting to use my intuition a lot more.” Lee Thompson – The Bachelor 2019

Learn about each other’s unique odour personalities and make your own nurturing perfume elixirs to take home with you. And yes, you can make perfume!

We’ll have fun with my library of natural perfume oils, proven to enhance positive feelings.  The workshop is packed with lots of info and will give you perfuming experience and hands-on demonstrations to satisfy your curiosity and ignite your creativity, naturally.

WHEN: Mother’s Day 12 May

WHERE: Muldersdrift

PRICE: R1900 for two people


  • You will both make your own transformative perfumes to take home.
  • Perfume oils, written notes and perfumery materials are provided.
  • Learn about perfume notes, odour classification, how to train your nose and odour intensity.

Others Say:

“And what a morning it was. Transporting scents and pure delight in creating own perfume…. combined with plenty of detailed practical info. Will be back!” – Elizabeth

“Perfect way to spend the afternoon. And the coffee was a nice touch.” – Vary

Space is limited. Book your spot now by paying here or fill in my quick form below. You can also call me at 072 134 9872.

R1900  for 2


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Please note

I’m a natural perfumer and aromachologist and not aromatherapist. This course focuses on safely blending with botanicals to create perfume for personal enjoyment and exploration. It is not meant to replace professional medical treatment.

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