Overtones Parfum


Scented plant messengers.

Multidimensional sounds, Sound Harmonies, Overtoning, Time Capsule
Interspecies Communication, Portal, Connect, Shimmering Tree,
Colours of soft coral, light and shimmering,
Scent – Radiant, Sensuous, Warm, Grounding, Fresh.
Purest Locally Distilled precious Oudh – also with Cedarwood,
Bay, Lemongrass.

Overtones Parfum Oil 10ml Unisex
PRICE 10ml Parfum Oil R450

A playful tribute to our timeless, connection to nature.

copyright antoinette 2015

copyright antoinette 2015

More on Oudh
“Rare and precious oudh aka Agarwood, is a resinous heartwood produced when a dark aromatic resin is excreted by Auilaria and Gyrinops trees in response to a mould infection, which eventually kills the tree. This resin ages for many years before becoming viable to distil the precious Oudh. It is regarded as a sacred perfume of great cultural and religious significance in the Sanskrit Vedas and was used in religious and cultural ceremony throughout the ages. Oudh is also referred to in eighth century texts of Ayurvedic medicine and used therapeutically to this day.” (Source – Wikipedia).

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