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Moodsense is a Natural Perfumery and Aromachology practice based in the Cradle of Mankind near Johannesburg. It was founded in 2009 by Antoinette Goosen to consult and train individuals and businesses to improve the quality of our experience through transformative fragrances applied to our bodies and infused in our workspaces.

What is an Aromachologist?

Different from aromatherapist, an aromachologist is a formulator who works with essential oils for their aromatic and physical effects and is an expert in the way essential oils can be blended and articulated together to create “behavioral fragrances” to establish the positive effects of aromas on human behavior including feelings and emotions.[1]

What is a Natural Perfume?

It is a composition made of a blend of essential oils, absolutes and isolates made from natural aromatic compounds present in the seeds, roots, wood, bark, sap, resins, leaves, flowers, fruits of plants and trees, dissolved in an oil, wax or alcohol carrier.

Essential oils are various volatile, complex mixtures of aroma chemicals made from natural aromatic compounds. Perfume carriers are vegetable oils, nut butters, vegetable waxes, beeswax and alcohol.

On the other hand, synthetic “ingredients are mostly (95%) derived from petroleum and include benzene derivatives (carcinogenic), aldehydes, toluene, and many other known toxic chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders and allergic reactions. A 2001 study by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that synthetic fragrances were often shown to contain hormone disruptors linked to abnormal cell reproduction. Scents produced by chemicals are much cheaper than scents produced naturally.”2

Benefits of natural perfumes

Natural perfumes are by their very nature therapeutic, being composed of plant materials, the medicines of nature. Numerous studies have been done to scientifically validate the importance of essential plant oils by individuals or groups. In one such instance in Japan, Takasago, Japan’s biggest producer of fragrances performed a study. The research showed that people working with computers made 54% fewer typing errors when Lemon was introduced into the air of their environment, with jasmine and lavender a reduction of 33% was noted. It has been found that certain fragrances can even have effects on how we perceive our bodies and how we are perceived by others.

How natural perfumes affect behaviour

The pathways of the olfactory system come together in the Limbic system (nose brain). The limbic system is made up of 122 regions. It is a “bridge” between the two brain hemispheres and makes quick decisions that affect the central nervous system and the body.

It initiates and governs primitive drives and is a part of the Primitive/Reptilian-brain; the seat of memory, emotions, sexual drives, hunger and thirst. It also causes us to behave in certain ways and can drive states of anger, sorrow, revulsion, sexual attraction and fear.

It is interesting to note that these are all subconscious drives that are governed in the same place as scent is processed in the brain. In theory our sense of smell gives us access to the subconscious mind, bypassing the critical factor or gatekeeper to the critical mind.

Effects of smell on the mind and emotions – Both sides of the brain are stimulated by odour. The left brain identifies an odour and is affected by some scents in ways that increase logic, concentration, judgement and reason and the right brain responds in turn with memories, emotions, images and moods.

Effects of scent on the body – Many essential oils are absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin and through inhalation. They may affect the mind through the nervous and endocrine systems. Their chemical constituents affect us just as medicines do and the affect it has, is dependent on the chemicals present in the scent and those chemicals’ interaction with our unique body system.

Effects of scent on the spirit – many societies have used perfumes in ceremony and ritual. Some natural oils have been documented to induce dream-states, euphoria, trance and sedation. We call them Oneirogens after the Greek “oneiros” meaning “dream” and “gen” meaning “to create”.

Apart from these benefits various plant essences have a multitude of documented anti-bacterial and healing properties, as well as calming or stimulating effects. It is my passion to constantly increase my understanding of the numerous effects of aromas on the emotions and mind and to share this knowledge with others to increase wellbeing and quality of life.

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