About the Perfumer

It is said that the subconscious mind gives us access to a vast library of information that would normally be filtered out of our awareness by the conscious mind. I have been studying these effects since 2009, when natural perfume changed my life.

With the world in disarray many people return to nature for answers. Worldwide interest in the benefits of natural aromatic oils is growing.

My passions are aroma, intuition, olfactory science and emotion. And I love that natural perfume oils give us tools to shift our perceptions and awareness.

Ancient civilizations left behind quite a few clues to our extraordinary human potential and the use of aroma in their temples, art and rituals.

We have only just begun to unlock the treasures of possibilities in aromatic messenger compounds.

I use aroma to unlock our extraordinary potential and inspire a deeper connection to nature and one another.

To date I have created over 500 perfumes and body products for individuals, artists and businesses.

I love to share my passion and discoveries in a series of natural perfume making workshops. To learn more, have a look here.

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