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Natural perfumes radically changed my perspective in 2009. I discovered that they can do much more for me than make me smell good. This realization sent me on a mission to understand the connections between plants, emotion, scent, spirit and science.

My mission is to make intuitive perfumery, aroma and extraction science an accessible art. My perfuming art has focused around the intuitive aspects of fragrance since 2009. I’ve taught natural perfumery and hosted perfumery events since 2017.

My specialty is Aromachology (effects of scent on mood and behaviour).

I contributed a functional perfume for the Richard John Forbes’ sculpture, the ‘Acoustic Resonance Collector’, at the Johannesburg Art Gallery in 2010.

I enjoyed speaking about the art of natural perfumery in my featured article published in Country Life Magazine in 2017.

During a radio interview with the SABC, on Radio 2000, I had the chance to discuss the intuitive aspects of perfumery and the effects of scent.

On the popular M-NET TV show, The Bachelor SA, the Bachelor and his date attended my perfume-making workshop.

Over 5 days, I blended 500 different natural perfumes live, during the 2019 Johannesburg International Flower Show for Unilever, with the floral essences that they sought.

I have completed training in master herbalism (diploma 2020), extraction methods and essential oils (2020), and an introduction to distillation, including fermentation and spirit enhancement (2020).

When I’m not perfuming or studying, I’m usually outdoors in nature and I enjoy nature photography, writing and visual art.

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