What others say

Liv on the full Natural Perfumemaking Course experience

“It has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember, to attend a natural perfume making workshop. A Google search led me to Antoinette and everything about her and her work instantly resonated with me. Thankfully she was willing to give me a private workshop.

I adored every moment, right from the start when she welcomed me very warmly at our open-air location. The artfully laid-out table brimmed over with all the alchemical ingredients and tools one’s heart could possibly desire.

Antoinette is in the possession of encyclopedic knowledge about the vast scope of topics related to perfume making, from history and botany, to the therapeutic aspects of plants and much more. Her passion and patience imparts her students with the confidence to explore and create various olfactory delights over two days. Working and playing with Antoinette has been life changing for me!”

Julia – Natural Perfume-making Workshop

“Dear Antoinette, Thank you for sharing your knowledge and talents so generously. It has been the most incredible experience and I love my perfume enormously.”

Jean-Marie – Instant Bespoke Perfume

“I think it is rare that one gets to meet someone as knowledgeable and special as Antoinette. Her calming and sincere energy overwhelms one. As for her perfumes… well that is pure Alchemy. I wear my uniquely made perfume daily and the effect it has on me as a whole is just amazing. Thank you and bless you Antoinette.🌻🌈” Jean-Marie

Sue Adams – Country Life Magazine

From the Article: The Perfume Angel of Rosendal

When I wanted a perfume I asked for Antoinette’s advice. She held my hand, thought for a long moment and then handed me the one she thought would be just right. It’s a solid perfume in a little jar and it’s perfect for me. Whatever magic recipe Antoinette created in this perfume has worked its magic on me.

Mark Taljaard – Blogger on Shaman Huile de Parfum

“Moments after the perfumer, Antoinette Goosen, applied the oil to my wrists I began to feel it’s work. A warm creeping sensation ran up my arms. It moved into my chest / heart chakra area. I felt my body’s frequency elevate immediately.

On the drive home I was alert and invigorated, yet very calm. I stopped to enoy a coffee at a nosiy cafe yet was not bothered too much by the din. ( I usually freak out within seconds) I even engaged pleasantly with the staff.

My body felt alive and strong. It seemed as if I had a sensual glow to me..”


Theresa Ackerman

Thank you for such an awesome morning, it was a wonderful and special time. Absolutely thrilled with my perfume, love it!
Appreciate all the info and help.

Joan Jones – Hostess: My Treat Evenings.

Thanks again for a lovely evening! It was super to have you here and I know that I will really enjoy my perfumes.

Jodene Shaer – international business owner, published author of the book, The Holistic Entrepreneur, and speaker.

From Jodene’s Blog

Just from meeting me, she made me the most perfect personalised perfume, all with plants that called out just to me in the perfect quantities. The harmony of scent has become linked to the breaths I take when my day begins, in the midst of it all and when all is done and I give gratitude for another day.

Richard John Forbes – South African Dreamer/visual artist/ generator
The generating, channelling source of Moodsense has come into my life at the perfect synchronous time to place the base note in my newest work.
My sculptures are all about the shifting of all our senses and true to her word,
Antoinette created the perfect sent from the essence of all the earth materials I used in my latest creation A.R.C
So much so that people entering the vast chasm of the sculpture were shifted to tears, euphoria, weightlessness.
This was always the intention of the sculpture though I know now that the advent of Antoinette’s essential alchemy completed the circle.
In my practice, the lesson of trust and handing over has only been enhanced by my experience with Antoinette.
In every aspect of our engagement i have experienced her willingness, passion, and truth to commitment to discover and hold the higher frequency so elusive to us all, yet the entire reason for our journey.
Elementally thank you,