Perfume Making 2.0

The Joy of Aroma

Perfume fun with infusions, extractions and more..

You asked for it..

There has been many requests for training on the next step of perfuming.

Expand your aromatic repertoire with raw materials from your garden and get their aromas ‘in the bottle’.

In these intermediate classes you will learn techniques passed down from ancient perfumers, such as the fatty unguents prepared by the San Bushmen, tinctures by Tapputi of Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt’s recipes for oil infusion.

I have also expanded the introductory classesI. Basics of Natural Perfumery and II. Blending Basics to deepen your understanding of the basics.

**Please note to attend these new classes you will be required
to have completed the introductory workshop including blending

Aromatic Oil Infusions
R650 – 1 hour

Here’s one technique to get your raw perfume materials into a liquid form you can use in perfume.

Infusions are versatile. You can extract those larger molecules with therapeutic value, that would normally be lost in steam-distilled essential oils.

Safer than essential oils; oil extractions have a lower concentration of aromatic compounds and we can use them undiluted.

They are great for use in skin care preparations and as a base in perfumes.

Alcohol-based perfumes
R650 – 1 hour

99% of perfumes worldwide are diluted in alcohol. Perfumers love to use alcohol (ethanol), because it is a very effective solvent and preservative of a wide variety of aromatic materials.

Alcohol is a great dispersant, making it easy to get your perfume compounds into the air.

It is highly volatile and evaporate faster from the skin than oil, leaving you with a more diffusive experience of the perfume.

Seaweed Tincture












R950 – 2 hours

This is such fun! You get expand your perfumer’s palette with unusual materials, such as the seaweed I’m tincturing above.

Tincturing gives you a chance to put a highly original spin on your scent and create aromas with local materials not commonly available elsewhere.

Tinctures have good fixative qualities. Even the notorious volatile compounds found in top notes may last longer during the dry-down of your perfume.

Most of perfumes on the market today are alcohol-based. Extracting aroma from plant material with alcohol therefore makes a lot of sense.

Blend oil-based perfume

R650 – 1 hour

Working with perfume oil is so satisfying. They are easy to blend with (oil mixes well with oil) and give you instant gratification.

Cut down your prep time and smell the result of your perfume formulas instantly (of course they will mature and get even better with age).

With this basis you can widen your repertoire to include oil-based body and hair products.

Solid Perfume

Make Solid Perfume
R650 – 1 hour

Here’s where you become an ‘unguentary’. Perfume ointments and salves are semi-solid and used to anoint the skin.

The scent of your blend is captured in the moment and consistent as it doesn’t mature as it would in alcohol or oil.

Ointments are the foundation for solid perfumes and the techniques can be applied to make all kinds of delicious skin, hair or beard balms, lip salves and more.

Intuitive perfumery
R750 1 hour 30 mins.

Perfume is medicine for the soul. I guide you to remember your inner artist and to practice your receptivity and creativity.

Deepen your relationship with aromatic plants. Blend well-balanced, functional and transcendent perfume art.

All classes Include raw materials and demonstrations with detailed notes and bonus recipes.

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I look forward to our new perfume adventures!

Online Sessions

Guided by your odour preferences, personality and budget, I provide a list of the materials you need to create your own perfumes at home.

  • Personal online training via Whatsapp or Skype.
  • Full notes and addendums.
  • Odour preference analysis with my recommendations for your initial essential oil kit with your local available materials and perfume making equipment. Initial equipment purchases can be kept to a minimum by using what you already have access to, which will be discussed in our free pre-workshop consultation.
  • Paypal options available. Please ask me.

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