Shaman Parfum

Shaman Parfum – Oud Cambodi Privee

An alchemical elixir composed of the rarest ingredients from all over the world. With Oud Cambodi Privee (a worldwide exclusive to Moodsense) and other aromatic compounds known for their use in awakening sensuous aliveness and deeper states of awareness.

Stand in the middle of a pristine, ancient forest just after the rain. The sun has broken through the clouds and is illuminating the wet limbs of tall, dark trees and sultry flowers. Verdant, woody, green essences and spices rise into the golden light, dancing with the earthy, warm aromas of old trees. Surprising, yet familiar and comforting. Feel embraced, relaxed and rejuvenated.

With –  Oud Cambodi Privee, Sandalwood Mysore, Rose Absolute, Mphepho, Palo Santo and Myrrh.




Connected Comfort Health Nurture Support Warmth Nature


Walks the path of ancient Wisdom. Connected to Nature. Intermediary between conscious and subconscious realms.


Oud is the most precious fragrant substance on earth, with a value surpassing that of gold. The resinous, heartwood is produced primarily by agarwood trees of the genus Aquilaria malaccensis. It is referred to in ancient manuscripts such as the Sanskrit Vedas and the Bible and known by many names such as agarwood, aloeswood, eaglewood, gaharu, oudh, ‘aloe’ and ‘ahaloth’. Revered for its ephemeral scent it has been used in sacred ceremony for thousands of years and is one of the most sought after aromatic substances on earth.

To distil pure Oud is a sacred undertaking to honour the sacrifice made by the tree. The trees slowly release a precious resin when wounded and there is no Agarwood possible without this process. Wounding is by artificial inoculation or fungal infection. Not all Aquilaria produce Oud and not all inoculation methods are equally successful, further increasing demand and poaching of this endangered species. It is therefore heartening to know that our Oud Cambodi Privee is hand cultivated.

Different Agarwood trees produce wildly different resins with unique scent profiles. To make matters more interesting for the connoisseur, the distillation methods affect the quality and aroma of the Oud produced considerably. The distillation techniques and materials used are as varied as the artisan distiller’s imagination and skill.  Each distillation of Oud results in a unique perfumed work of art.











Cambodi Privee – a worldwide exclusive to Moodsense, this Artisinal Oud has been aged for 6 years. The skillfulness in the distillation of this exquisite fragrance is of the highest standard in the Oud distillation world. Each batch of these organic agarwood oils was custom distilled – meticulously, obsessively – according to Ensar of Ensar Oud’s highest standards.This Oud has notes of plums, apricots, fruit jams, with a semi-sweet and woody drydown.







The symbol of love, beauty and purity, the rose has been revered for its many healing properties since ancient times. It has been used in ceremony as an ingredient of sacred anointing oil to connect the devout with the divine and is referred to in many ancient scriptures.

Using around four tons of rose petals to make just a litre of oil, it is no wonder that rose oil is so rare and precious. Harvest time is a long-awaited celebration in the fields. Rose petals are hand-picked rapidly in the cool, early mornings when the aromatic oils are most concentrated in the buds.

Rose’s numerous healing applications are legendary and it is known to heal the heart, both physically and metaphorically, and eases depression, grief, nervous stress and tension.

Mysore Sandalwood

Sensuous Sandalwood oil East India has a sweet-woody, warm, balsamic aroma and is a known aphrodisiac that is grounding and relaxing. Apart from its aphrodisiac effects it harmonises and calms the body and mind and creates the lasting base note of the fragrance.

“The oil is high in sesquiterpenes, a class of compounds which have been studied in Europe for stimulating of the pineal gland and the limbic region of the brain – the center of our emotions. Clarifying and stilling to the mind, and refreshing to an overheated body, Sandalwood is though to reconnect one to the primordial state of being. Diminishing the need to ‘overthink’, Sandalwood can instil a sense of inner unity, helping re-establish an acceptance of reality as it is. “(1)

Palo Santo

Known as “holy wood”,  Palo Santo is of the Burseraceae family (incense) and related to Frankincense. This respected, mystical tree has a lifespan of about ninety years. These old trees are felled and left to mature for years before the oil is distilled. It originates from the South American coast and has been used for various healing purposes including for cleansing ceremonies and divination for generations by the medicine people of the Incas and other tribes of the Andes. Its effects are legendary and it is known to be sedative, disinhibitant and aphrodisiac.

The aroma is not as woody as one would expect, but instead has notes of citrus, pine and mint.  It’s many uses include enhancing creativity, deepening spiritual connection, relieving stress and anxiety and easing depression and trauma.

Imphepho (Kooigoed)

This indigenous African shrub (Helichrysum Odoratissimum) is of the Cape Fynbos kingdom and has small silvery leaves and small, bright yellow flowers.  According to indigenous knowledge the smoke has been used by the San Bushmen, Khoikhoi and various African tribes in dream ceremonies to invoke visions and for divination. A relaxing oil, the herb has traditionally been used for nervous system disorders and heart ailments for centuries.This highly aromatic yellow oil has only recently been distilled for use in cosmetics and perfumes. Scientific research into the pharmacological effects and healing benefits is only just starting and it has been shown to possess anti-inflammatory and stress-relieving properties.







Limited Edition Shaman – Oud Cambodi

The perfect gift to yourself or a very special person. A small, numbered batch ensures exclusivity of the most exceptional and luxurious aromatic oils featuring rare Oud Cambodi Privee. 10, 5 and 1ml Huile de Parfum in an Silver atomiser to protect the precious liquid from light. Presented in a beautifully handcrafted paper box.

R2000 for 10 ml


R1150 for 5ml


R250 for 1ml


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