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Surprise your friends and associates. What if you could make your own perfumes?

Let me be your aromatic muse for a moment in time. I share my know-how, resources and insights and guide you into the secret world of perfume that’s always been right under your nose.

We’ll use only natural oils with their legendary effects on the body, mind and emotions. You learn how to use them safely and to the best effect.

I include my resources, gained through many years as natural perfumer.

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Options include

  • Natural perfumery in depth – Blend and make your own perfume
  • Talks and demonstrations of ancient perfumery techniques- working with raw materials including oils, resins, wood, flowers and much more.
  • Basics of natural perfumery. Fascinating overview of perfumery through the ages.
  • Discover your unique scent personality.
  • Learn to train your nose.
  • Perfume notes, odour intensity, scent harmonies & accords.
  • Blending practice for creativity and intuition.
  • Perfume oils and raw materials, written notes and perfumery materials can be provided for this hands-on aromatic event.
  • From quick 30 minute overviews to intensive 2-3 hour courses and all day events.
  • Tailored themes.

Others Say:

And what a morning it was. Transporting scents and pure delight in creating own perfume…. combined with plenty of detailed practical info. Will be back! – Elizabeth Jansen van Vuuren

We both thoroughly enjoyed your space, vibe, knowledge and passion. Thank you so much for sharing it all with us. – Celia

“I think it’s rare that one meets someone as knowledgeable and special as Antoinette. Her calming and sincere energy overwhelms one. As for her perfumes..well that is pure Alchemy. I wear my uniquely made perfume daily and the effect it has on me as a whole is just amazing” – Jean-Marie

Perfume oils, written notes and perfumery materials can be provided for the event.

To discover the astonishing power of scent at your next party or corporate event fill in my quick form below or email You can reach me at 072 134 9872.

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