Mood Perfume

Mood Perfumes (c) are intuitive perfumes created in 2009 to support emotional wellness.  They’re the most popular of Moodsense’s perfumes. They have 7 different varieties, each with its own effects and scent. Have a look to see which one suits your odour preferences and tastes. Click here for a complete overview of Mood Perfumes.

Here’s how and why they have effects on the mood. 


The molecules in the essential oils used in the perfumes are so small (100 000 times smaller that a grain of salt) that some can penetrate the skin, while others get taken up into the bloodstream through inhallation.

The inhalation of aromatic compounds cause chemical changes to take place in the brain. The scent brain is part of the Lymbic System, which is the part of the brain also associated with memory and emotion.

The  (with many other functions we need for our survival).

Because of the olfactory bulb’s proximity to emotional and memory centres, certain fragrances, such as the familiar scent of a cookie, can take you right back to your grandmother’s kitchen.

Our sense of smell can instantly evoke a memory and an emotional response! We have no conscious control over the effects, be it emotional or physical. Scent has a transformational effect, which can either be comfortable or uncomfortable, without the conscious mind’s involvement.

Read more about the 7 Mood Perfumes

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