Mood Perfume

Globally there is an increased awareness of the power of emotions and a trend toward the use of natural products to support uncomfortable emotional experiences. Many of us are stressed, depressed, irritable and unhappy at some point in our lives. Mood Perfume (c) was created to transform our emotional states. These hand-blended, original formulations were created to fragrantly shift your particular mood; be it a sadness into joy or irritability  into harmony and to support the change of the underlying issues.


How it works

This is the science bit, if you’re not into the detail today, please skip to the Mood Perfume range here. Usually we access our bodies through the mouth, by eating for example. The molecules in the essential oils used in the perfumes are so small (under a hundred mol) that they penetrate the skin. The next interaction with your body is that when you inhale the plant aroma through the nose it goes directly into the brain.

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Did you know that their molecules are so small they can literally cross the blood-brain barrier, like virtually nothing else we know of? From your nose it travels to the limbic system of the brain. This is where your sense of smell is processed.

Now here’s the trick. It’s also the place where our memories and emotions are interpreted, hormones regulated and access to our subconscious mind. That is why certain fragrances, such as the familiar scent of a cookie, can take you right back to your grandmother’s kitchen. Your amazing sense of smell just evoked a memory an emotional response! What makes it even more amazing is that “The brain naturally experiences chemical changes as a reaction to various fragrances.” So the scent of a fragrance affects your emotional centre as well as your memories and your physical body, all this happening in the Primitive brain. You have no conscious control over the effects emotionally or physically, it has a transformational effect without your mind having to buy into the process.


Easy. Just rub half a pea-sized amount of the balm on your inner wrist, rub together gently and feel the effect in under 10 minutes. Or your money back of course, guaranteed.


Who uses Mood Perfumes?

Everybody who loves natural fragrances. The perfumes are fragrant perfumes firstly, perfectly synergised to smell blissfully delicious. Then their alchemical formulas truly transform emotions and support us when we need it. Mood Perfume’s blends help you to gently shift your mood and assist your body to relax or feel more vibrant or calm down, naturally, while you are enjoying a delicious fragrance. To buy a Mood Perfume please fill in my form here. It’s quick!

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