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Moodsense Perfumes are fragrant and functional, handmade to delight the nose and evoke a positive mood simultaneously. Perfumer, Antoinette Goosen has studied the effect of natural perfumes on the mood since 2009, with the launch of Mood Perfumes.

Aromatic flowers, seeds, leaves, resins and barks are selected for their aroma and personality. Every batch of perfume is unique and blended using ancient perfumery techniques with only the purest, natural ingredients. 

A perfume for every mood and occasion.

  • Bespoke Perfumes Enhanced mood and wellbeing, expertly blended from your favourite natural perfume notes.
  • Wild Earth The feminine principal. Aromatic rootedness, with fresh, alive, warm and spicy elements. Eau de Toilette.
  • Vanilla Spice Island. Vanilla with a twist. Solid Perfume.
  • Gaia Parfum. Earth, after the rains. Connect, ground, zest, green, fresh. Oil-based perfume.
  • Mood Perfumes. Gentle functional perfumes for emotional wellness. Oil-based perfume.
  • Africa Divine. With love from Africa. A symphony of indigenous botanicals. His and Hers EdT.
  • Melt. A relaxed and refreshing treetop-holiday in a bottle. Body Mist.
  • Helios. An ode to the our day star, the Sun. Solid Perfume.
  • Overtones. What if trees could talk? Oil-based perfume.

Unsure where to start? List 3 favourite perfumes and tell me something interesting about yourself on the contact from below.

Gaia Parfum

Functional Perfume

Mood Perfume

Olfactory Alchemy

Evoke Transcend

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